We have a variety of accounts to meet your needs.


Traditional, Roth, or SEP/Simple IRAs. We’ve got them all.


Coverdell IRA or basic savings to help your little pay for college someday.


6-60 month terms available for earning even more on your rainy day fund.


Believe it or not, holidays come at the same time every year. We can help you be ready this time.


Get out in that swimsuit without going into debt.


You don’t like it, but you have to pay it. So why not be prepared?

Special Occasion

Have an upcoming wedding, anniversary, sweet 16 or other celebration to save for? Do it right here.

Bucket List

Save up and check off a few of those adventures!

Emergency Fund

Your mattress may not be able to help you in an emergency. Your UA savings can.

Save to Win

Making regular deposits into this special account automatically enters you for a chance to win prizes up to $5,000!

Online Investments

Self-Service investments without the unwanted advice. Check it out today.

Debit Card Round Up

Save your change every time you make a debit card purchase, automatically.

Conveniences you’ll enjoy with all of our transaction accounts:

  • Access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs
  • Access your account 24/7/365 online or from your mobile device
  • Deposit checks using your mobile device
  • Pay bills online
  • Visa Debit Card
  • Debit Card Round-Up
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Courtesy Pay is available

UA Checking

A traditional checking account that is simple and accessible.  The account is free as long as you meet these qualifications:

  • Have at least $500 direct deposited into this account each month


  • Maintain a minimum balance of $500 in this account

If you don’t qualify a $5 service charge will be applied.

Custom Checking

We all make mistakes. Been denied for a checking account recently? This account was custom built to suit your needs.

Managing your checking account can sometimes be complicated. Our Custom Checking account is paired with financial education and tools to teach you the skills to take control of your money.

With this account, you will receive a Visa Debit Card but no checks. There is a $25 monthly service charge that can be reduced to $20 if you elect to have your paycheck automatically deposited into this account.

Our financial specialists will work with you and provide tools to assist in maintaining a good account record as well as clearing up past blemishes.


This account was designed for our self-service members who prefer to use electronic services. Using electronic services saves our cooperative money. In return, we’ll kick you back some of that savings.

Earn a special dividend if you meet these monthly qualifications:

  • Login to It’s Me 247 Online banking at least once
  • Be enrolled to receive eStatements
  • Have at least $500 direct deposited into this account
  • Have at least 14 signature debit card transactions post to this account

Tracking to see if you’ll earn a dividend is easy and can be done right inside our It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

If you don’t meet the monthly qualifications, you won’t earn the dividends. But don’t worry, you can try again next month!

If you maintain a minimum balance of $500 or have at least $500 direct deposited into your eMoney account each month, the $5.00 monthly fee will be waived.

Student Checking

Are you a student? Students can pick between our UA Checking or eMoney account. Any monthly fee will be waived regardless of if you met the qualifications that month.

See account disclosures for more information.