Want to send $25 a week to your stashed away savings at that other credit union?  Need to pay your UA loan from your account at a bank?

You can use It’s Me 247 online banking to not only transfer funds between your accounts at UA but also between your accounts here and your accounts at other financial institutions.

Getting set up is easy!

To activate A2A (Account to Account) transfers complete our A2A Authorization Form.

We’ll get you set up and ready to transfer within 24 business hours!

Transaction Limits

There are some security limits in place for A2A transfers.  You can customize your per day and per month limits through our PIB settings in It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

Our standard limits are:

  • $5,000 maximum per day
  • $10,000 maximum per 30 days

Additional Info

  • No fee for any A2A transfer
  • You can set scheduled, recurring A2A transfers
  • Transactions take 2-4 business days to complete
  • Amounts being withdrawn from your account at the credit union will post immediately
  • Amounts being deposited to your account at the credit union post only after the A2A is completely processed with the other financial institution

Review our Membership & Account Agreement for more information about our A2A and other electronic services.